US ambassador: Georgia needs to achieve energy independence

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan says that Georgia should continue working on a national energy strategy. Photo: US Embassy press office., 14 Dec 2021 - 11:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan has praised Georgia’s commitments to reducing gas pollution and building a ‘transparent, competitive electricity market from scratch.’ However, she noted that the work needs to continue for the country to achieve energy independence.

This can be done through an incentive scheme tailored to local markets and building new renewable energy generation that decreases Georgia’s dependence on electricity and gas imports and protects the country from malign actors who wield energy and gas as geopolitical weapons,” Degnan said during the recent South Caucasus Free Energy Forum. 

Degnan called on the Georgian government to continue working on a ‘transparent and consistent national energy strategy through important public consultations.’