GD faction head: I’m ‘more concerned’ about Khoshtaria’s health than Saakashvili’s condition

Mdinaradze believes that Khoshtaria’s condition is ‘much worse’ than Saakashvili’s. Photo: Mamuka Mdinaradze's Facebook page, 18 Nov 2021 - 17:19, Tbilisi,Georgia

The ruling Georgian Dream (GD) parliamentary faction head Mamuka Mdinaradze says he is ‘more concerned’ about the health of opposition leader Elene Khoshtaria who is on a hunger strike in support of the imprisoned former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, than the ex-president’s well-being.

Saakashvili was arrested in Tbilisi on October 1 after a clandestine return from eight years in political exile. He considers himself a ‘political prisoner’ and is on a hunger strike.

Khoshtaria announced a hunger strike in the parliament building on November 4, demanding Saakashvili’s transfer to a civil clinic.

Saakashvili, who was serving his sentence in Rustavi Prison No. 12, was transferred to Gldani prison hospital on November 8 to ‘prevent a deterioration in his health due to increased risks,' the penitentiary service reported.

Mdinaradze believes that Khoshtaria’s condition is ‘much worse’ than Saakashvili’s.

Honestly, I’m more concerned about Elene Khoshtaria’s condition… if Saakashvili had any humane qualities, he would stop his hunger strike for the sake of Khoshtaria, Mdinaradze told the press earlier today.

n a letter released from the prison hospital on November 11, Saakashvili wrote that he is ready to call off his hunger strike if taken to a ‘high-tech’ civil clinic for rehabilitation.

The former president further asked Khoshtaria to stop her hunger strike, as it is ‘dangerous to her health.’ However, Khoshtaria rejected Saakashvili’s request, saying that she will only end her hunger strike when her demand is met.