Georgian FM responds to media ‘misinterpretation’, says Georgia 'not considering to participate' in regional platform with Russia

  • Considering the high public interest, in particular, the international community, the Ministry publishes the letter sent to media platforms. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 9 Oct 2021 - 18:56, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Foreign Ministry says that statements made by FM David Zalkaliani during a recent interview about a cooperation format proposed by Turkey and Iran which would include Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Russia has been ‘misinterpreted’ by the media.

Reiterating that Georgia is not considering to participate in the so-called 3+3 format with Russia, the foreign ministry announced earlier today that the country has ‘an important role and function to perform in the region’. 

Reference here is to our participation in the strategically important projects which play a significant role in connecting Asia and Europe, and substantially contribute to Georgia’s economic and political independence”, the statement reads.

It further says that the Georgian Prime Minister's proposal for the peaceful neighbourhood initiative at the recent UN General Assembly is based on the principles of mutual respect and equality and is aimed to restore peace and stability in the region. 

The foreign ministry explained as well that in the interview with the Georgian Public Broadcaster on October 7, FM Zalklaiani said that Georgia’s engagement in the so-called 3+3 format with the occupier country ‘when we see no process towards de-occupation will be very hard’.

It is very hard to participate in this format and speak about some infrastructure projects. However, I’d like to offer this position to our public for judgement - in some form or another, we should engage in major geopolitical projects and relations - of course not at the expense of national interests and concessions to the occupier country”, FM Zalkaliani told GPB on October 7.

He noted as well that the sovereignty and territorial integrity are ‘red lines’ for the Georgian government. 

We must not be lagging behind the processes developing in the region and should be involved in new infrastructure projects that may otherwise miss Georgia and cause Georgia to lose its role and function. Therefore, it is very important to adopt an accurate position to avoid damage to the interests of our country”, he added.

Amid the high public interest, in particular, the international community, the foreign ministry publishes the letter sent to media platforms: