Central Election Commission releases alleged messages from National Movement party showing "intense pressure" ahead of election day

The Central Election Commission released messages allegedly showing pressure from the United National Movement on its members on Friday. Photo via CEC.

Agenda.ge, 01 Oct 2021 - 20:12, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Central Election Commission has released messages allegedly sent to the body by the United National Movement party and showing "intense pressure" on the commission as it prepares for the municipal elections on Saturday.

Screenshots of two text messages were released by the CEC on Friday on social media, with the commission saying one had been sent by UNM candidate Zviad Kuprava and the other - from an unidentified number - in the name of the party.

The former text appeared to be urging CEC Saburtalo District Commission chair Beso Lachashvili to resign ahead of the election, and expressed support in case of making such a move. The latter message called on the body to refuse holding an "already falsified election".

The second communication also urged the commission to "stand next to the people in this struggle" and "come out and declare" their refusal to organise the municipal voting, promising "untouchability under a new government" in such case. The text was undersigned "United National Movement".

The election body also alleged "misinformation" on social media in the form of photos of voter cards that allegedly showed Commission-issued cards for deceased citizens. The CEC said it had checked the information on citizens mentioned in the cards with the Public Service Development Agency and confirmed the claims as false.

On Saturday the CEC will hold municipal elections across the country, including a vote for Tbilisi mayor.