Right-wing politician Vasadze: radiation poisoning could trigger my blood cancer

Levan Vasadze says that he was diagnosed with two serious illnesses following his entering politics earlier this year. Photo: 1TV.

Agenda.ge, 03 Sep 2021 - 17:24, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian right-wing politician and businessman Levan Vasadze, who entered politics earlier this year and founded the Unity, Essence, Hope political movement back in May 2021, says that he could be poisoned for his political views and his recent diagnoses, multiple myeloma, could be connected with radiation poisoning. 

Vasadze informed the public about his complicated health shortly after entering politics and left for Turkey and Russia to find out reasons. 

Later he said that he was diagnosed with Amyloidosis - a disease that occurs when abnormal protein builds up in organs and interferes with their normal function.

Now Vasadze has announced about his second diagnosis, a multiple myeloma,which is a type of blood cancer, and made links between it and his  political intentions. 

AL type amyloidosis is a much more dangerous and aggressive disease than even blood cancer. These are related diseases and often go together, but in this case it is very strange for doctors that the diseases developed in a completely healthy organism in a very short period of time," Vasadze said on his recent live video. 

While announcing his political plans back in May Vasadze said that entering politics was a ‘very hard decision’ for him. However, ‘political, economic, cultural, social and ideological crisis’ pushed him to do so.

The last drop was the recent signing of the EU-mediated document by Christian Danielsson by Georgian political parties which allowed the release of criminals and pointed at a decrease of state sovereignty,” Vasadze said.

Ahead of Tbilisi Pride events in July, Vashadze urged the government to cancel them to prevent confirmation and destabilisation. 

Many opposition politicians say that Vashadze is a ‘pro-Russian’ politician.