Former ambassadors, MPs join Elene Khoshtaria’s Droa party

Elene Khoshtaria’s political party Droa presented its new members yesterday. Photo:, 13 Aug 2021 - 11:46, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s former ambassadors to the US Batu Kutelia and David Sikharulidze, as well as former MP Nino Goguadze have joined a political party Droa founded by former leader of the European Georgia political party Elene Khoshtaria. 

Khoshtaria presented several new members of the party at Peace Bridge in central Tbilisi late yesterday and stated that the ‘people are united around the idea and not a single person.’ 

The party is the unity of a free, professional people,” Khoshtaria said. 

Khoshtaria has been nominated as a joint candidate for the head of Tbilisi City Assembly by the United National Movement, European Georgia, Girchi-More Freedom and Droa opposition parties in upcoming, October 2 municipal elections. 

She left the European Georgia opposition party back in December 2020, shortly after the October 2020 parliamentary elections, to create a new political movement. 

Khoshtaria has refused to take up her parliamentary mandate she received via the party list of the European Georgia opposition party. 

She said that the October 2020 parliamentary elections were fabricated by the ruling Georgian Dream party and she refused to enter the state legislature in protest. 

Girchi-More Freedom, European Georgia and Droa will also nominate joint candidates for Tbilisi City Assembly in the coming hours, while the United National Movement will present individual candidates.