Azerbaijani blogger Hussein Bakikhanov found dead in Tbilisi

Hussein Bakikhanov was critical to the Azerbaiinjai government in the local media as well as on his Youtube channel., 30 Jul 2021 - 18:10, Tbilisi,Georgia

Azerbaijani blogger Hussein Bakikhanov, who was critical of the Azerbaijani government and was asking asylum in Georgia, was found dead in Tbilisi, Bakikhanov’s friend Avtandil Mamedov and Azerbaijani journalist and activist  Afghan Mukhtarli have confirmed. 

Acccording to preliminary reports Bakikhanov was found dead in his apartment in Tbilisi. 

Police are investigating the death. 

Bakikhanov said in his Youtube channel in mid-July that he had been attacked by a group of Azerbaijanis in Tbilisi on central Freedom Square. 

Suddenly the individuals (of which there were five) insulted me verbally and tried to push me into the car. However, when they failed to do so, they attacked me,” Bakikhanov said. 

Mukhtarli stated before moving to Tbilisi that Bakikhanov was participating in a rally in Baku on May 7, 2021 when he was sentenced to 12 days in prison. 

Mukhtarli said that after the release Bakikhanov stated that police were torturing him in prison.

Rights Georgia NGO was providing legal aid to Bakikhanov to receive asylum in Georgia.