Anniversary Agile Spirit exercise launches in Georgia with NATO, partner nations

Georgian Defence Forces and US Army Europe and Africa lead the drills involving 13 other nations. Photo: Ministry of Defence of Georgia., 26 Jul 2021 - 17:06, Tbilisi,Georgia

Over 2,500 troops from 15 NATO member and partner states are to get involved in drills developing interoperability through staff and field manoeuvres in the anniversary 10th Agile Spirit multinational exercise that started in Georgia on Monday.

Live fire drills, airborne operations and other elements of combined manoeuvres will be honed by the latest edition of the event which, for the first time, will showcase air deployment involving servicemembers from Georgia, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom and United States.

Another novelty will come in the hardware roster used by participating troops, with combat- and medical evacuation versions of the Georgian-produced armoured vehicle Didgori set to be utilised on the field.