Minister of Environment Protection visits Sakdrisi gold mine, examines anti-pollution activities

The key obligation of the mining company is to prevent river pollution. Photo: The Ministry of Environmental Protection., 12 Feb 2020 - 19:19, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Levan Davitashvili and head of parliament’s Environmental Protection Committee, Nino Tsilosani visited the gold mining company RMG Gold and Copper in the village of Kazreti, Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia earlier today to check how the company meets its obligation to cease pollution.

The Dutch Rich Metals Group, which owns RMG Gold and Copper, accepted in April, 2018 to take measures against polluting of Kazretula, Poladauri and Mashavera rivers in Bolnisi region, caused by mining work.

“The company works intensely to fulfill its obligations. We are closely monitoring anti-pollution activities carried out by the company. Today we saw the results of the work that was carried out on the spot. We think that most of the critical issues will be resolved by the end of the year,” said Davitashvili.

The key obligation of the mining company is to prevent river pollution.

The Ministry of Environment says that RMG gold has completed the construction of cleaning plants and drainage systems which are likely to reduce polluting of all the three rivers.

The installation anti-dust systems has also been completed, which was seen as one of the major pollutants of the environment.

Georgian and German archeologists claim that Sakdrisi Gold Mine is one of the oldest gold mines in the world and dates back almost 5,000 years.

The mine was only discovered in the early 2000s by Georgian and German archeologists, while excavations began in 2006.