Georgia’s offer to businesses in mining

  • As of now, the number of mining licenses listed on e-auction is 122. Photo: National Agency of Mines., 12 Feb 2020 - 13:05, Tbilisi,Georgia

Mining deposits are offered to business for privatisation in addition to other state-owned assets offered through the program “100 Investment Offers for Business”.

Within the framework of the program, mineral resource deposits are selected from around different regions of Georgia and are sold at e-auction.

As of now, the number of mining licenses listed on e-auction is 122.

The mineral deposits include gold and copper-polymetallic, ore, bentonite clay, volcanic slag, peat, diatomite, tuff breccia, zeolite-containing tuff, basalt, marble, limestone, underground fresh water and carbonated mineral water deposits.

Prices of mining licenses vary and depend on the type of mineral resource and its price. 

The most expensive mining license offer on the list of licenses on e-auction is Churchuto-Chikheli Bentonite clay deposit in Adigeni municipality, village Benara. Its starting price is 14,291,763 GEL ($4,980,055/€4,561,686).

Minister of Economy Natia Turnava said that the total initial price of the selected offers is 82 million GEL ($28.57 mln/€26.17 mln).

Turnava noted that expected investment is 120 million GEL ($41.81 mln/€38.3 mln) in the coming year. She also noted that 1,500 jobs will be created by the privatisation of the mineral resource deposits.