Georgian Black Sea town of Batumi covered by snow [VIDEO]

  • Georgian Black Sea town of Batumi received the title of ‘Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination’ last year. Photo: Shermazana, 9 Feb 2020 - 13:53, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Black Sea town of Batumi has been covered by snow overnight, while the Georgian capital of Tbilisi was struggling with heavy wind.

Photos of snowy Batumi have gone viral on Facebook and other social networks with lots of locals and visitors sharing photos and videos of the town.


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Batumi City Hall staff have been cleaning up the roads from snow not to hinder the freedom of movement, while the locals enjoyed the snow in their neighbourhoods late at night.

Watch the video footage released by Batumi City Hall:

Meanwhile, the Emergency Management Service announced today that in the last 24 hours they received a total of 64 notifications from all around the country due to heavy wind, most of them from Tbilisi. 

However, it also underscored that the majority of calls were of preventive character and no one got injured as the rescue groups have immediately responded.