Lawyer says man who attacked microfinance company held lighter, not weapon, calls perp ‘victim of gambling’

 Levan Zurabashvili attacked MBC microfinance company yesterday and took hostages., 21 Nov 2020 - 11:03, Tbilisi,Georgia

A lawyer says that Levan Zurabashvili, who attacked MBC microfinance company yesterday and took hostages there, held a lighter, not a weapon, and that the man is a victim of gambling. 

It was not robbery as he demanded no money, he was demanding changes that could benefit the whole population of the country. It was a type of performance by him," said the lawyer. 

Before his arrest, Zurabashvili demanded the prohibition of gambling throughout Georgia, for banks to limit interest rate on loans to seven per cent annually and the interest rate of already issued loans to be brought down to seven per cent, and decrease the price of medications and pharmacies to only be allowed to receive 10 per cent profits out of selling medicines.

The lawyer said that Zurabashvili was a ‘victim of gambling’.