OSCE PA leaders: 'political actors in Georgia should resolve deadlock, participate in the work of the new parliament'

  • Opposition politicians claim that the recent parliamentary elections were rigged in favour of the ruling Georgian Dream party. Photo: OSCE PA/Twitter.

Agenda.ge, 18 Nov 2020 - 13:30, Tbilisi,Georgia

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA) leaders say that following the October 31 parliamentary elections political actors in Georgia should resolve the political deadlock and participate in the work of the new parliament in order to ensure that the voters’ will is respected.

Despite the grave challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, up to two million Georgian citizens went to the polls on October 31 to make their voices heard. The highest voter turnout since parliamentary elections in 2012 was a testament to the importance of these elections and the strong democratic commitment of all Georgians”, said Special  Coordinator and leader of the short-term OSCE election mission Elona Gjebrea Hoxha (MP, Albania).

Hoxha noted the importance of ensuring an inclusive process of reviewing complaints. She said such a process is critical to maintaining Georgian voters’ confidence in the electoral processes developed in recent years.

Now that this process is concluded all political parties elected should take their mandates, enter parliament, and continue their work within the institutions”, said Hoxha.

Finnish parliamentarian Pia Kauma, the Head of the OSCE PA’s delegation observers, said that the October 31 elections were competitive, and, overall, fundamental freedoms were respected.

Kauma urged stakeholders to overcome the current polarisation and to work together for a stable political framework.

United States Congressman Richard Hudson, who serves as Chair of the OSCE PA’s Committee on Political Affairs and Security said that the parties involved in the political deadlock need to find a way to overcome it. 

The complexity of this task is clear, a positive outcome is vital for Georgia’s democratic future”, he said, adding that Georgia can continue to count on the support of its partners, including those on the ground who are doing ‘an admirable job in trying to help the parties reach agreement’.