Maka Gogaladze's documentary earns European Women's Audiovisual Network award at DOK Leipzig

A still from the documentary 'Ever Since I Know Myself'. Photo via ZagrebDox., 28 Oct 2020 - 20:02, Tbilisi,Georgia

Filmmaker Maka Gogaladze's documentary Ever Since I Know Myself has earned the director the latest prize, after the European Women's Audiovisual Network picked the work for the Women's Talent Award at DOK Leipzig festival on Tuesday.

Used to select outstanding works in the CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator, a programme for women filmmakers looking to develop their projects and skills, the award went to the documentary after a jury team of Tamara Tatishvili, Brigid O'Shea, Vladan Petrović and Aleksandar Govedarica deliberated on works in the selection.

Ever Since I Know Myself [is] a project that combines the historical and the personal in a uniquely artistic way, focusing on the relation between its timely topics from a decidedly female perspective," a summary from the judges noted.

The documentary, which was a ZagrebDox Pro pitching session winner at the Croatian festival in the spring, takes a look at education received by children across Georgia in a bid to explore the identities the country is attempting to adopt for itself in the world.