Ruling party says UNM has ‘revolutionary headquarter’ along with official, election headquarters

The ruling party says that all ‘unbiased polls’ say that they will win the October 31 parliamentary elections. Photo: Georgian Dream press office., 28 Oct 2020 - 13:43, Tbilisi,Georgia

The ruling Georgian Dream party says that the United National Movement opposition party (UNM) has ‘revolutionary headquarters’ along with the official election headquarters which is chaired by former Interior Minister, recently released Vano Merabishvili. 

The ruling party states that the UNM’s unofficial headquarters aims to encourage violence ahead of the Saturday’s parliamentary elections and revolution. 

The ruling party Executive Secretary Irakli Kobakhidze stated earlier today that the UNM has plans to spark tensions in the Marneuli, Bolnisi, Dmanisi, Zugdidi municipalities, in the city of Batumi and Gldani district of Tbilisi.

Any attempt to spark tension in the election process will be strongly punished. Any destructive action by the radical opposition will be strongly punished. We promise our people and partners that the Georgian Dream ruling party will ensure holding the elections in the full line with top international standards,” Kobakhidze said. 

Merabishvili, a close ally of former President Mikheil Saakashvili, left prison earlier this year. Photo: IPN.

Kobakhidze said that the radical opposition is trying to learn about the public view on a coup with the help of partner research companies ‘like IPM.’ 

One of the questions in the IPM survey reads: what form of protest would be acceptable for you if you are unhappy with the election results? Answers to the question offered by the poll included blocking state buildings and the use of force. It means that like in 2016 and 2018 the opposition is discussing the scenario of an armed coup and trying to learn about public reactions,” Kobakhidze said. 

Kobakhidze said that the opposition and their partner organisations know that they have ‘a zero chance of winning the elections.’ 

That is why the opposition is engaged with tension and provocations. I urge our supporters not to be provoked,” Kobakhidze said. 

The UNM says that the ruling party ‘is becoming more and more inappropriate as the election day approaches.’ 

The party says that people will not elect the Georgian Dream on October 31 ‘as the party had failed in all the fields and the severe economic crisis is their fault.’