Armenian PM Chief of Staff: stories of Georgians supporting Azerbaijan in war a misinformation

The Chief of Staff of Armenia's Prime Minister responded to some of the online discussion of the conflict on Wednesday. Photo via Eduard Aghajanyan social media page on Facebook., 08 Oct 2020 - 18:25, Tbilisi,Georgia

Eduard Aghajanyan, the Chief of Staff for the Prime Minister of Armenia, has reacted to ongoing public discussion around the armed conflict between his country and Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region by calling opinions on Georgia supporting the latter country in the war "misinformation".

Aghajanyan released a social media update to his followers on Wednesday, in which he condemned "some fake users" attempting to "influence" public opinion by alleging a support for the Azerbaijani side in the clashes that have been ongoing over the recent weeks.

The official from the PM office said "social media has seen quite disturbing trends" over the recent days and added Georgian and Armenian state offices were "effectively cooperating" in countering the development, already "resolving" "many" of the attempts on online platforms.

In his brief post Aghajanyan urged his compatriots to "not give up the provocations and preserve solidarity with the Georgian people, both online and outside."

Last week the Georgian government announced it was suspending transit of military cargo through its territory to either country either by land or air. Georgia has also announced it is poised to host talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan with the aim of resolving the latest flare-up between them with regard to Karabakh.