Gallery ArtBeat showcasing artist Tamar Botchorishvili in post-pandemic reopening

'Precious Stone', Tamar Botchorishvili, 2020. Photo via Project ArtBeat., 02 Jul 2020 - 17:16, Tbilisi,Georgia

Effects of past events and recreation of new narratives is the subject of Precious Stone, a new contemporary display of works by artists Tamar Botchorishvili that is marking a reopening of the space of Tbilisi's Gallery ArtBeat after the lockdown.

Concerning "all levels" of societal issues, the exhibition marks the first personal show of the creative at the gallery, encompassing paintings and small-size objects reflecting on topics ranging from power and subordination to sexuality.

Speaking about the works selected for the show, the artist told Artarea media platform the miniature creations were not directly connected through a thematic focus but were related under subjects related to society, family, body and sex.

On the other hand, the works in painting - the other part of the show - are related in their theme to the overall display, which takes its name from the portraits. A summary for the exhibition said Botchorishvili saw them as reflections of colourful stones found in mountain landscapes.


Tamar Botchorishvili, Untitled from the series Precious Stone, 2020, Collage, Embroidery, Ink, Coloured Pencils and Gouache on Paper, 117x84.5 cm. Gallery Artbeat is pleased to present Tamar Botchorishvili’s solo exhibition, "Precious Stone". Tamar Bochorishvil’s artworks represent an attempt of self-reflexion and self-understanding. Graphic drawings and objects created by combination of different materials and techniques tell the story of past experiences, drama and unexpected future. Link in Bio Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 11:00 - 19:00 Address: Gallery Artbeat, 14 Pavle Ingorokva Str., Tbilisi, Georgia. #galleryartbeat #contemporaryart #georgianart #caucasianart #art #artwork #artist #exhibition #tamarbotchorishvili

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