Slovakia financing five projects with €44,198 to help Georgia combat COVID-19

Small grant agreements were signed today. Photo: Embassy of Slovakia in Georgia., 30 Apr 2020 - 18:05, Tbilisi,Georgia

Slovakia has allocated €44,198.05 for five projects for Georgia aimed at combating the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, announces the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Georgia.

Georgian non-governmental organisations submitted several proposals, of which the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Tbilisi, in cooperation with the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation, evaluated and subsequently approved five projects, for a total amount of €44 198,05. Today, April 30, small grant agreements were signed to provide funding for the implementation of all approved projects, which will help to protect the population against this disease or contribute to the elimination of adverse economic consequences in less developed areas of Georgia", reads the press-release published by the embassy.

The five projects are:

  1. The charitable foundation Caritas Georgia will implement a project called Security Measures for Serving Teams, in which it can purchase the necessary protective equipment and materials for many volunteers who work in the field with the most vulnerable groups.
  2. The vocational training and retraining centre – Farmers' School in the project Maintaining livelihoods of smallholders will help especially farmers - women living in the village of Sagarejo, who as breadwinners, due to market closures, lost not only their income but also the opportunity to start a new agricultural season. The project will provide them with material support and professional guidance.
  3. A People in Need – Georgia project that aims to provide the necessary protective equipment and materials  during COVID-19 to three institutions for patients with mental and physical disabilities that are at high risk for the transmission and spread of COVID-19.
  4. The non-profit organisation I block will implement the project of a mobile store in Guria that will help the municipality with the creation and application of an online platform for the operation of a mobile marketplace for farmers selling their products.
  5. The NGO Together for Real Change in the project COVID-19 Aid for Racha will visit elderly and suffering people in the remote areas of the Racha region and provide them with humanitarian, food and medical assistance as due to travel restrictions, many people have been left without the opportunity to communicate and contact the outside world.