One killed, 22 injured in road accident on Tbilisi-Istanbul route

The bus and a truck collided in the accident, a local media reports. Photo released by Georgian Public Broadcaster., 30 Dec 2019 - 14:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

One individual has been killed and 22 received injuries in a road accident in Turkey involving a bus on the Tbilisi-Istanbul route, Rustavi 2 reported earlier today.

The media outlet says that most of the passengers on the bus were Georgian citizens.

22 of 31 passengers were injured, while the health condition of four is critical,” Rustavi 2 reports.

Rustavi 2 stated that the bus belongs to the company Ak Karadeniz.

The Georgian Public Broadcaster says that the deceased individual is a citizen of Turkey, while the three of those whose health condition is critical are also Turkish citizens. 

The media outlet reports that 21 passengers on the bus were citizens of Georgia and most of them suffered only minor injuries. 

Official agencies are yet to make statements on the accident.