Filmmaker Uta Beria awarded Arras Days French development grant

Film director Uta Beria (middle) received the production grant while his recent feature ‘Negative Numbers’ had its world premiere at the French festival. Photo: Léa Rener/Arras Film Festival., 19 Nov 2019 - 18:19, Tbilisi,Georgia

Film director Uta Beria has been awarded the development grant of Arras Days, a platform of the Arras Film Festival in France, for his in-progress work Love in the Time of Riot.

The young creative, whose feature Negative Numbers premiered in the festival’s European Competition, received €7,500 in grant for the project on the weekend.

Based on screenplay by the director, the latest film will follow two young protesters developing a relationship following a chance encounter at a demonstration.

The fireworks launched by the demonstrators create a romantic atmosphere for Elene and Andro, and they start kissing. But the special forces begin to use rubber bullets, and Elene and Andro lose one another in the chaos” - Cineuropa