Maestro and Imedi TV companies hacked

Hacker attack victim sites are mainly hosted on the Proservice server., 28 Oct 2019 - 17:31, Tbilisi,Georgia

Hacker attacks have been carried out against Georgian TV companies, Maestro and Imedi, the head of TV Imedi information service, Irakli Chikhladze reported.

The network is paralyzed, we receive no signal, and we can’t broadcast and use editing computers. We are working to get back on air very soon”, Irakli Chikhladze said.

Andro Lashkhi, the head of TV Imedi legal service department said later, that the company has already fixed the problem, but TV Maestro has not announced when it will be on air.

“As I’m aware, an investigation has been launched into this case. I can’t talk about the details. Expensive equipment is damaged. The system is not fully restored, so we are working with delays. I have no other information at the moment”, said Andro Lashkhi. 

Earlier today up to 2,000 websites including that of the President of Georgia, courts, media, local self-governments and NGOs have been hacked.

Hacker attack victim sites are mainly hosted on the Proservice server. The company said that ““this is a global flow and they are working to eliminate and fix the problem”.

The Georgian Interior Ministry has launched an investigation under two articles which includes unauthorized access to the computer system and infringement of computer data and/or computer system.

The offense is punishable by fine or correctional facilities up to two years or imprisonment for the same period.