Former prosecutor accuses Georgian Prosecutor’s Office of sexual harassment, nepotism

Salome Adeishvili worked at the office from April 2013 till October 15, 2019. Photo: Prosecutor's Office of Georgia., 23 Oct 2019 - 19:36, Tbilisi,Georgia

Former prosecutor Salome Adeishvili wrote a post on Facebook yesterday detailing 27 reasons why she felt compelled to quit her job in the body. 

Adeishvili says the institution has systemic issues involving sexual harassment, nepotism and other problems. 

Here are but some of the reasons Salome Adeishvili listed in her post: 

...Because somebody called you and ordered you to carry out an ‘illegal absurdity’. If you don’t do the task, it will affect you badly and they will remind you later. If you do the task, another boss will see your illegal signature and it will affect you badly again”

...Because we have selective justice”.

...Because, we, ordinary people are independent. So, we are responsible for our decisions.”

...Because another person will receive praise for my own achievements”.


Georgian Prosecutor’s Office states that Salome Adeishvili worked at the office from April 2013 till October 15, 2019 and wrote the resignation letter herself.

The Prosecutor’s Office reports that the General Inspectorate is looking into the matter.

Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia responded to the incident on October 23, saying that “all cases of sexual harassment, nepotism, where the law is violated must be investigated”.

Deputy Chairman of the United Trade Union Raisa Liparteliani says that Salome Adeishvili is currently working in the US currently, but not in the legal profession.