Georgian general appointed NATO Afghanistan mission deputy chief of staff

Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili congratulates Brigadier General Nikoloz Janjgava (right), First Deputy Chief of Georgian Defence Forces, on his new appointment at the NATO mission. Photo: Ministry of Defence of Georgia press office., 27 Sep 2019 - 19:11, Tbilisi,Georgia

Brigadier General Nikoloz Janjgava, who serves as First Deputy Chief of Georgian Defence Forces, will become the first Georgian to work as Deputy Chief of Staff for Security Assistance in NATO's Resolute Support peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.

The military commander has been confirmed on the high-ranking position which usually sees professionals from the alliance's member countries appointed for the responsibility.

Janjgava will work in Kabul to ensure "close military-diplomatic ties" between the Afghan government and the top civilian NATO representative, the Ministry of Defence of Georgia said.

The ministry also announced the Georgian general would coordinate and control the work of international advisors involved in developing readiness of Afghan defence and security forces during his one-year tenure on the new position.

The Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan was launched in 2015 and involves about 17,000 personnel from nearly 40 NATO member and partner countries.

The mission serves to train, advise and assist Afghan defence and security forces and support them through funding.

Janjgava has worked at the Georgian defence ministry since the early 1990s and as the First Deputy Chief of the GDF since 2016.

He has received extensive military training at United States defence academies and schools including the US Army Inspector General School, the National Defense University at the National War College and the US Army Infantry School.

The Brigadier General is a recipient of awards and titles including the Order of Honour of Georgia and NATO Afghanistan Medal.