Bill proposes electronic surveillance both for violent offenders and their targets

The bill proposed by the Georgian Interior Ministry still needs to be approved by parliament.Photo:, 25 Sep 2019 - 16:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

Both possible perpetrators and their targets may have to wear electronic surveillance bracelets to avoid crimes after the police issue a restraining order, a bill drafted by the Georgian Interior Ministry reads.

The electronic surveillance will be used in the cases when the chance of repeated violence is high, the ministry official said. 

 The bill has already been presented to the government for discussion and soon will be sent to parliament for approval.

The other proposed amendments to the law are as follows: 

  • In the case of the threat of repeat violence, a possible perpetrator may be required to wear an electronic surveillance bracelet. 
  • The Interior Ministry appeals to a court for permission to oblige the individual to wear the bracelet, to which the court must reply within 24 hours. 
  • If a perpetrator refuses the use of the electronic surveillance bracelet, he/she will face criminal prosecution and up to one year in prison. 
  •  Restraining orders may be issued for nine months instead of the current six months. The court will specify the exact time period. 
  • The definition of a family member is expanding and it will also cover an individual who was in an unregistered marriage in the past, a recipient of support, a person in guardianship and care.

The changes are being carried out with the participation and support of the UN Women, which has already purchased 100 electronic bracelets and donated them to the Interior Ministry.