Lost roe deer returned to Georgia’s Machakhela National Park

The roe deer was spotted in the village of Tkhilnari. Photo: Machakhela National Park.

Agenda.ge, 06 Aug 2019 - 13:57, Tbilisi,Georgia

Employees of Environmental Supervision Department and regional reintroduced a lost roe deer back into Machakhela National Park on July 31.

Machakhela Park Director Giorgi Kuridze said hounds had made the roe deer run from the forest.

The roe deer was made run from the forest by hounds. Photo: Machakhela National Park.

Locals spotted it in the village of Tkhilnari and informed the Supervision Department.  

There are many species of animals in the protected areas of Georgia. Camera traps often capture them.

This funny marten was caught on film at Machakhela National Park earlier in 2015. 

Earlier in June a camera trap of the Agency of Wildlife caught a badger on one of its sites.

Since the cameras were installed a range of creatures have been filmed including deer, roe deer, ibex, boar, wild cats, wolves, jackals, lynx, fox, marten, mouse, birds and more.