Specialists studying area hit by flood in Mestia, Svaneti [Video]

Mestiachala 1 HPP was hit by severe flood for three times last night. Photo: 1TV.

Agenda.ge, 26 Jul 2019 - 14:19, Tbilisi,Georgia

Geologists and employees of Svaneti Hydro, a company which constructed HPPs Mestiachala 1 and Mestiachala 2 in 2018, will study the area hit by severe flood in Mestia, the Georgian region of Svaneti last night.

The Mestiachala River overflowed last night, which was followed by severe surges in the ravine where the HPP Mestiachala 1 is located.

Specialists report the HPP Mestiachala also faced flooding, but worked as a barrier and protected the local population from natural disaster.

See the heavy flood here, in the video by Salome Ratiani:

Neither HPP Mestiachala 2 nor the settled area around the plant were affected by the flood.

The National Environment Agency reports the July 25 disaster in Mestia Municipality was caused by high precipitation and glacier melting. 

The surges hit the infrastructural facilities three times. Losses in damage are currently being calculated and will be reported later. 

The total installed capacity of  Mestiachala 1 and Mestiachala 2 is 50MW.