Man charged for initial release of private footage of Georgian MP Beselia

The Georgian Interior Ministry says that the man who first uploaded the footage received it from a Russian citizen., 23 Jul 2019 - 14:45, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Interior Ministry says that they have identified and charged an individual who was the first to make private footage of Georgian MP Eka Beselia go viral back in January 2019.

The ministry says that the individual is a Georgian citizen who is currently imprisoned in Armenia on murder charges.

The individual received the footage via Facebook messenger from a Russian citizen M.D.,” the ministry says.

The ministry reports that the footage was recorded in May 2012, under the United National Movement leadership.

Both individuals have been charged in absentia.

Tbilisi City Court has ruled pre-trial detention for both,” the ministry says.

The Interior Ministry states that the phone possessed by D.A. was seized and studied with the help of Armenian law enforcers.

MP Beselia no longer belongs to the Georgian Dream ruling party. 

Beselia has been demanding the identification of the individual [or individuals] who initiated the release of the footage.

She said in January 2019 that the video was recorded under the United National Movement leadership.

19 individuals have been charged with the release of the footage after it went viral. 

Beselia says that there is nothing new in the statement of the Interior Ministry as public have known about the man in the Armenian prison. 

I am asking on why he has not been charged earlier," Beselia says. 

She stated that she was told by law enforcers several days ago the man was not the initiator of the release.