Georgian, Danish national statistics offices to collaborate in EU project

The new project presentation at Holiday Inn, Tbilisi. Photo: Geostat., 08 Jul 2019 - 14:05, Tbilisi,Georgia

The national statistics offices of Georgia and Denmark will collaborate in a new project financed by the European Union to “strengthen the capacities of the Georgian statistical system.” 

The start of the project was announced on June 24, 2019 at the Holiday Inn hotel in Tbilisi.

Geostat CEO Gogita Todradze said the project will support the objectives of the Georgia-EU Association Agreement. Photo: Geostat.

Professionals from Denmark and other developed countries will visit Georgia and provide their Georgian colleagues with consultations and assistance during the project. 

Geostat CEO Gogita Todradze said the new project will support the goals of the Georgia-EU Association Agreement as the National Statistics Office will provide more reliable and high-quality services as a result of its cooperation with the Danish statistics office. 

The EU-financed project will last for 24 months. It includes four components: external trade, national accounts, business statistics and social statistics.