Georgia, 6 others leave PACE assembly in protest as Russia regains voting right

 Russia regained its voting right in PACE yesterday. Photo:, 27 Jun 2019 - 10:32, Tbilisi,Georgia

Members of the Georgian delegation and six other countries left a session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) yesterday in protest as Russia regained its voting right after having lost it in 2014 following its annexation of the Crimea. 

Russia, which earlier had declined to pay its membership dues, accepted to pay them, as well as fines, amounting to €75 million before regaining the right. 

118 MPs voted for the return of Russia in PACE, 62 went against and ten refused to vote. 

The delegations of Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia said that the PACE decision is unacceptable as Russia has not changed its attitudes and policy and continues to occupy the territories of sovereign countries.