Russian Foreign Ministry reacts to incident in Georgian parliament involving Russian MPs

The Russian Foreign Ministry says that Russian MPs had to leave the Georgian parliament with the help of guards. Photo:, 20 Jun 2019 - 19:32, Tbilisi,Georgia

Russian Foreign Ministry has reacted to today’s incident in the Georgian parliament, when Russian MPs were forced to leave the building where they were attending the Inter-parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy.

Russian MFA says that the MPs had to leave the Georgian parliament building “when radicals seized the building,” [referring to the Georgian opposition MPs].

Guards helped the MPs leave the building,” the Russian MFA writes.

The Russian parliament says before the incident took place a “fake news” was spread as if Russian MP Sergey Gavrilov was fighting in Georgia’s Russian-occupied Abkhazia region in 1990s.

Gavrilov denied all the accusations of his participation, as he never participated in any military conflicts, and noted that Russia and Georgia are united by fraternal Orthodox ties,” the Russian parliament says.

The Georgian Dream ruling party stated that the Russian MPs are leaving the county and the assembly will not be held in the way as it started.

The party called “alarming and unacceptable,” to the behavior of Gavrilov, when he took the seat of Georgian parliamentary speaker and addressed the audience from the high tribune.

The ruling party says that the organisers of the event must provide explanations why it has happened.

People are gathered on central streets of Tbilisi now, protesting upon allowing the MPs of the occupant country into Georgia and parliament.