Parliament speaker says two formats will be created for discussions on judges

Parliament Speaker Irakli Kobakhidze says that the new criteria and procedures for the selection and appointment of judges will be drafted before the spring session. Photo: Parliament press office., 15 Jan 2019 - 12:18, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Parliament Speaker Irakli Kobakhidze says that two formats will be created to provide criteria and procedures which will remove question marks regarding the lifetime appointment of judges in courts.

The statement comes after a controversy concerning a list of judges for the Supreme Court of Georgia, which was composed by the High Council of Justice - an independent body responsible for the appointment of judges in the country on 24 December.

A working group will be created with the involvement of interested individuals and organisations to discuss procedures and criteria for the selection and appointment of judges.

The second format, which will be a parliamentary format, will also discuss the same issues. Such type of work will lead to the results which will be liked by everyone,” Kobakhidze said.

The Supreme Court has now 10 judges instead of 28. Photo: Tabula.


  •  On 24 December the High Council of Justice nominated 10 judges for the Supreme Court of Georgia without previous consultations. The list was criticized by the civil sector, two   members of the High Council of Justice and several top figures of the Georgian Dream ruling party, as the list included “several judges with controversial past.”
  • The High Council of Justice claims that the list was prepared in a hasty manner as currently there are only 10 judges instead of 28 on the Supreme Court.
  • On 26 December Parliament Speaker Irakli Kobakhidze stated that the list will not be discussed in an accelerated manner.
  • On 27 December head of Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee Eka Beselia quit as she said due to the list of judges and after several days she nominated three candidates for the deputy head of the committee. However, the ruling team withdrew the one elected to the post nominated by Beselia “due to a violation of mandatory procedures.”
  • The ruling party leaders says Beselia’s resignation had nothing to do with the judges and that it was speculation on her part. Kobakhidze, who was accused of lobbying the list by Beselia, says that the ruling party postponed discussions regarding the list before Beselia announced her resignation.
  •  Lifetime appointment of judges was introduced by the Georgian Dream leadership in 2013-2014 to provide higher guarantees for judges and their fairness.