Georgia’s Winery Khareba opens store in Italy

Winery Khareba store in Bari is located 100 meters away from Saint Nicholas church, in touristic center of Bari. Photo: Winery Khareba., 24 Apr 2018 - 13:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian wine company Winery Khareba has opened the first Georgian brand wine shop in Bari, Italy.

Diplomats, Bari municipality representatives and a Georgian delegation attended the official opening ceremony on April 19.

Italy still retains the status of leading wine producer in the world, therefore the first Winery Khareba shop was opened in Italy, which is a great success for the country and the company. Winery Khareba is progress oriented and a constantly growing business, aiming at company development and the shop opened in Italy is one of the big steps towards our main goal”, said Giorgi Ezugbaia of Winery Khareba.
The Winery Khareba shop opened in the city of Bari is the first store opened in Europe and te company aims to establish its positions on the European market by opening shops in other locations of Europe”, he added.

The first Winery Khareba store was opened in Georgia in 2010.

Nowadays, the brand owns eight shops, which are located all around Georgia.

Winery Khareba is based on ancient traditions and since its establishment has produced wines using indigenous grape varieties.