EU project strengthens social workers in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova

EU supports professionalisation of social workers in Eastern Partnership countries. Photo from Communitycare., 28 Mar 2018 - 15:36, Tbilisi,Georgia

Local social workers' associations have improved and broadened their services in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova thanks to the EU-supported project, "Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change".

Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi hosted the closing conference of the project today, where the project consortium highlighted the results achieved over the course of the project and discussed implications for the future development of the social worker's profession in the region.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Vincent Rey, Head of Cooperation Section of the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, stated that professional and accessible social work is instrumental for positive social change.

"We are proud to support the effort social workers' associations are undertaking to empower vulnerable groups and strengthen families in the regions of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova”, he said.

Meanwhile, Gerhard Schaumberger, Head of the Austrian Development Agency Georgia Office, said:

"Social workers are critical members of society who work diligently to relieve suffering and improve the lives of people. Through their commitment to promoting social change and empowering people, social workers play an important role in improving the lives of those who need it most”.