Late artist Tamuna Sirbiladze’s work on show at London’s Saatchi Gallery

  • Paintings by Tamuna Sirbiladze at the London venue. Photo: Saatchi Gallery London., 23 Mar 2018 - 16:11, Tbilisi,Georgia

A fresh display introducing a group of contemporary artists to viewers at London’s Saatchi Gallery will include works by late Georgian creative Tamuna Sirbiladze for the next three months.

In Known Unknowns, curators and organisers showcase artists whose artwork might not be best known to the worldwide audience but has been influential in their circles.

The selection involves works by 17 creatives — among them is Sirbiladze, whose paintings were named central to the exhibition by the London Evening Standard.

The work of three painters constitutes the heart of the show. Tamuna Sirbiladze, born in Georgia in 1971; Mona Osman, born in Hungary in 1992, and Stefanie Heinze, born in Berlin in 1987, all work with imagery that can seem both meaningful and meaningless”, said the newspaper’s website.

The review also noted how in Sirbiladze’s artwork "imagery comes in and out of focus” and conveys subjects of "occlusion, personal and perhaps societal”.

Although each [of the three painters] has a quite different mood — Sirbiladze is by far the most serious — all are subtle. There is a feeling of being able to come back to each painting and find fresh content”, the London Evening Standard review remarked.

Sirbiladze’s 2005 work ‘Map 4 — Kotzen’. Photo:

Born in Tbilisi, Sirbiladze also lived and worked in Vienna and exhibited her works in personal and group shows in Europe and beyond.

She was featured in displays at venues including Galerie Eva Presenhuber in Zurich, Museum of Old and New Art in Australia, the Saatchi Gallery and Charim Ungar Contemporary in Berlin.

Her works has been characterised by the Saatchi venue as "fast, expressionistic canvases depicting abstract shapes and naked female figures in the midst of bodily functions”.

The Georgian artist died two years ago at the age of 45. Her work can be viewed at Known Unknowns through June 24.