New book by American master of wine to promote Georgian wine

  • New book will be written by American master of wine, Lisa Granik. Photo from Wines of Georgia., 20 Feb 2018 - 17:11, Tbilisi,Georgia

The history, culture and potential of Georgian winemaking and viticulture will be described in a new book which will be written by American master of wine, Lisa Granik.

The famous wine professional is in Georgia for over a month, visiting family cellars and wine companies in different parts of the country, learning as much as possible about Georgian wine and its history to put all the information in her new book.

Lisa Granik believes that in order to spread more information about the greatest potential of Georgian winemaking in the world, it is necessary to prepare an authoritative piece.

"I have been coming here over the past many years and more extensively over the past number of months, because I want to write a reference book on Georgian wine, which reflects the characteristics of each Georgian wine, based on geological and historical backgrounds. I know that Georgia is now trying to understand where its history is, and I don't mean the history of the past hundred years, I mean thousands of years, in terms of geological history, culture and wine-making traditions” she said.