Backpackers to find their way simply as Georgia’s hiking trails waymarked [VIDEO]

In 2016-2017 infrastructure of 33 trails were developed and over 60 routes were created. Screenshot from the GNTA video., 15 Nov 2018 - 15:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

In order to help backpackers complete their trip successfully in Georgia’s hiking areas, local trails have been waymarked, announces the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA).

Hiking trail waymarking allows backpackers find their way simply, safely and comfortably during their trip. For this purpose, the GNTA has studded eight regions of Georgia and about 190 trails. Soon, the examination of 12 trails in Pankisi gorge and 35 trails in Svaneti region will be completed.

This 7-minute video created by the GNTA in corporation with the German development agency (GIZ)  shows what hiking trail waymarking is and how backpackers benefit from it.

In 2016-2017 the infrastructure of 33 trails was developed and over 60 routes were created.

The GNTA together and its partner organisations have created technical regulations for trail layout and waymarking. 

This standard applies to all of Georgia, therefore, no matter whether the trail is in Racha, Javakheti or Lagodekhi, it should be waymarked according to these regulations.