Katskhi Pillar, Chiatura ropeway under rehabilitation in Georgia’s Imereti region

Construction site of Chiatura ropeway. Photo: MDF of Georgia.

Agenda.ge, 05 Sep 2018 - 17:51, Tbilisi,Georgia

An area surrounding the Katskhi Pillar, one of the most distinguished sights in Georgia’s Chiatua municipality, will soon be completely renovated.

Georgia’s Municipal Development Fund has been implementing this projects with the financial support from the World Bank.

As it was announced earlier, 1.5 million GEL was anticipated for the renovation works.

Within the project disorganised buildings in the area of the cultural heritage should be removed and instead one, unified construction should be built.

The new construction will include a space for visitors, a living area for monks and a dining room, small reception rooms, area for agricultural purposes and others.

A monastery yard and a fence renovation are also planned.

At the same time the Municipal Development Fund is implementing Chiatura ropeway rehabilitation project.

The average cost of the project is 40 million GEL. 

In hilly Chiatura, ropeway is one of the main means of conveyance, which has been serving the town since 50-ies of past century. It is remarkable that it was the first passenger ropeway constructed in the Soviet Union. 

„Back in the nineties of past century, the existing lines and cars were already unable to meet current demand,   and moreover, due to long period of their operation they were unsafe for the passengers, therefore operations of the passenger ropeway were suspended in 2016. The project provides for reconstruction of ropeways and stations.  The central station and four lines outgoing from the named station will undergo overhaul repair.  Overall road length equals 3,428 meters“ read the press release from the fund.

Supply of the reverse- type gondolas was provided by the French Company  Pomagalski.

Following project completion,  local passengers and visitors will have an opportunity to travel safely and comfortably by eco-friendly, new ropeway transport.