Russian sympathiser breaks into Georgian Embassy in UK on 10th anniversary of Russia-Georgia war

  • The Georgian Ambassador to UK stated that it was a “provocative attack.” Photo: Tamar Karelidze., 8 Aug 2018 - 14:52, Tbilisi,Georgia

A UK citizen and former employee of the Russian media outlet Russia Today broke into the Georgian Embassy to UK yesterday, during the exhibition of Georgian painter Gia Bugadze, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Russia-Georgia war.

The man was identified as Graham Phillips, who acted aggressively against people in the embassy and accused Georgia of fabricating the events of the Russia-Georgia 2008 war.

Graham was detained by police for his aggressive actions.

Georgian Ambassador to Great Britain Tamar Beruchashvili tweeted about the incident.

The man was also detained in Ukraine in 2014.