Largest-yet display of artist Andro Wekua open at Kunsthalle Zurich

A view of some of Wekua’s works exhibited at the Kunsthalle venue. Photo: Annik Wetter Photographie., 12 Jun 2018 - 17:47, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Kunsthalle Zurich venue in Switzerland’s largest city is hosting the largest yet solo show of Georgian contemporary artist Andro Wekua.

In an exhibition involving a multitude of media, Wekua’s works went on display last weekend under the title All is Fair in Dreams and War.

Sculpture work, pictures, collages and a film — the latter being screened as a premiere — have been selected for the Kunsthalle show that will be open for the next two months.


What ever the weather - come to the opening of Andro Wekuas show „All is Fair in Dreams and War" Starting 6pm, drinks & food @schwarzescafeloewenbraeukunst #androwekuazh #zurichartweekend

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A summary from the venue said both earlier, "barely known” and latest works had been picked in the showcase.

Wekua's art has been committed to his interests and his life in the West since 1995, but also before his time in [Sokhumi], Tbilisi and in civil war-marked Georgia”, said their release.

The opening of the exhibition in Zurich has also been accompanied by a release of the first monograph on Wekua’s work, featuring contributions from Daniel Baumann, Pablo Larios, Paulina Pobocha and Ali Subotnick.

Born in Sokhumi in Georgia’s now-occupied north-western Abkhazia province, Wekua has lived and worked in Berlin since the 1990s.

He has exhibited works at the Gladstone Gallery in New York, Sprueth Magers in London and the Koelnischer Kunstverein in Germany, among other galleries and museums.