Georgia at the centre of popular Dutch TV show season

Participants of the Dutch show photographed on the backdrop of Tbilisi's Saint Trinity Cathedral. Photo: Who is the Mole show., 18 Jan 2018 - 18:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

Dutch TV viewers are discovering Georgia and its culture through the ongoing episodes of a popular reality show Who is the Mole?, with the country selected as the current destination for the protagonists.

Aired on the Netherlands’ Avrotros TV channel, the show casts a group of participants sent to various countries with no knowledge of their destination.

Only learning about where they find themselves in on arrival, the group is then given challenges to complete in various corners of the country in question.

The promo video for the ongoing season of ‘Who is the Mole?’ featured its protagonists visiting various places in Georgia’s capital:


Aanstaande zaterdag in @wieisdemol.avrotros. Dat belooft me wat hoor... #widm

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While the participants compete for the money prize given to the ultimate finalist, viewers of the show also learn about the place the episodes are set in.

Episode 1 of Season 18, which launched recently, features five former Soviet republics, with Georgia the focus of the remaining 10 episodes of the season.

The filming crew and Dutch celebrity participants visited the country to shoot the series, with over 3,2 million viewers watching the teaser.

Over 2,6 million TV viewers then followed the first episode of the season, aired on January 6.

Capital city Tbilisi was the starting point for the protagonists, with the group visiting a Rustaveli Theatre show as well as filming at the Navtlugi market and other locations.

The show’s presenter Art Rooijakkers photographed at Tbilisi’s Shota Rustaveli State Drama Theatre:


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Georgia’s various provinces follow the initial episode, with the show presented by TV presenter Art Rooijakkers.

The idea of featuring Georgia in the show was facilitated with support of the National Tourism Administration of the country.

The Administration contributed to the project with the prospect of promoting Georgia as the next travel destination for Dutch viewers.

The state agency said viewing figures of the Dutch series and travel statistics showed at least 50 percent of viewers of the show travelled to the featured countries afterwards.

The current season of the show will air over the next few months, with the ultimate winner to be revealed in March.