See pieces by costume designer Ana Kalatozishvili at Karvasla museum

Kalatozishvili's personal display will showcase "expressive works" by the artist. Photo: Georgian National Museum., 14 Feb 2017 - 19:04, Tbilisi,Georgia

Enthusiasts of theatre and cinema design are invited to Tbilisi’s Karvasla museum for a two-week exhibition of works by celebrated Georgian artist Ana Kalatozishvili starting this Friday.

The venue, formally known as the Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum, will host Kalatozishvili’s personal display, My Exhibition — My Life.

The event will showcase "expressive works” themed by an overarching concept introduced by the artist, said a release by the Georgian National Museum, a network of state museum venues across Georgia.

The exhibits will illustrate the artist’s ideas on the resemblance between real life and theatrical fiction, as well as her view on the ability of common individuals to become artistic creators.

Kalatozishvili's works will be presented within an overarching concept at the exhibition. Photo: Georgian National Museum.

Kalatozishvili is known for costume designs created for dozens of stage productions in Georgia and abroad over the last three decades.

Her designs involve work for theatre productions at companies including the State Ballet of Georgia, Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre and Royal District Theatre.

In addition, she has worked as a designer for costumes in cinema, including collaborations with famed Georgian director Otar Iosseliani (for 2009 film Chantrapas and 2014 production Winter Song) and on Georgia’s 2016 Oscar-nominated feature Moira.

Kalatozishvili graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1992 and University of Applied Arts of Vienna, Austria in 1995.

She has featured in group exhibitions in Georgia as well as in Germany, Austria and Russia, while her works are part of private collections in Europe and North America.

Kalatozishvili has been awarded prizes for her costume design from theatre competitions including the Georgian Theatre Prize 'Duruji'.

The Georgian creator also teaches design at Tbilisi’s Ilia State University and has taught at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University and the State Academy of Arts.

Kalatozishvili’s exhibition at the Karvasla museum will run through March 5.