EU intends to abolish roaming fee for Georgia and five others

  • EU’s Boris Iarochevitch claims tariffs will be low. Photo by, 7 Jun 2017 - 16:27, Tbilisi,Georgia

The European Union (EU) plans to abolish roaming fee for its six allies from the Eastern Partnership, for Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova and Belarus. 

If you travel in the Eastern Partnership countries or from the countries to Europe the roaming tariff is very high. The roaming fee was abolished in Europe and now we plan to do the same for the six nations,” Boris Iarochevitch, the European External Action Service head told Georgia’s Public Broadcaster. 

 He stressed as soon as the initiative comes into play those travelling in or from Georgia won’t spend more when speaking on the phone than they had to when using local mobile operators. 

 Of course the tariff will be specified by mobile operators but the fee will be low and available for everyone,” Iarochevitch said. 

He announced the process to be completed for 2020.