Georgia-Lithuania launch joint cyber security group

  • Georgia’s Ministry of Defence staff responsible for the country’s cyber security met with their Lithuanian counterparts yesterday. Photo by the Ministry of Defence of Georgia., 12 Apr 2016 - 14:17, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia and Lithuania are establishing a joint cyber security group to take part in international cyber trainings so both countries are better protected from online crime.

The group will be composed of online security experts from Georgia and Lithuania. 

Details of the new group were revealed after yesterday’s meeting between representatives of Georgia’s Ministry of Defence Cyber Security and Information Technologies Department and staff from Lithuania’s National Centre of Cyber Security. 

The meeting, held in Lithuania, aimed to enhance bilateral cooperation in cyber security and allow both nations to share their experiences with the other.

Topics discussed at the meeting included the Russia-Georgia war of 2008 and the cyber-attacks Georgia experienced during and after the military conflict that left 20 percent of Georgia’s land occupied by Russian forces.