Atlantic Council envoy makes video about Georgia’s Defence and Security Conference

Damon Wilson said Georgia’s Defence and Security Conference was extremely important as it brought together important parties to discuss regional and global issues., 11 Apr 2016 - 17:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

A high-ranking executive from the Atlantic Council has made a special video address prior to Georgia’s Defence and Security Conference (GDSC), in capital Tbilisi. 

Hundreds of guests are expected to attend the GDSC on May 24 and 25, in which participants will discuss the threats and opportunities facing the transatlantic and global community and push forward strategies to tackle major challenges. 

In the video Damon Wilson, executive vice president of the Atlantic Council, stressed the 10th gathering of the GDSC was of utmost importance and he encouraged interested parties to attend. He said this year’s GDSC was being held at a "very critical” time, preceding the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Warsaw Summit. 

Also if we look at the European security situation and the challenges from the East and South, it is really a historic time,” Wilson said. 
Join us, bring your views and be part of a community that is focused on action, solving problems, creating a safer and more prosperous transatlantic community, which Georgia and the Caucasus is a part of,” Wilson said.

See the video address below:  

The two-day conference will cover four interactive themes. Day one will be dedicated to NATO and the Warsaw Summit. Day two will focus on three themes: security in the wider Black Sea region as an indispensable part of the Euro-Atlantic security architecture; threats to international order and its implications for small states; and unconventional dimensions of warfare—wars with neither battlefields nor warriors.

About 300 guests are expected to gather in Tbilisi for this year’s conference.