US Forum recognises global significance Anaklia Deep Sea Project

Georgia's Economy Minister hoped more US investors wold contribute funds to the Anaklia Deep Sea Port project in Georgia's west. Photo by Georgia's Ministry of Economy., 11 Mar 2016 - 19:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

A forum in the United States gathering hundreds of the world’s leading infrastructure experts has named Georgia’s Anaklia Deep Sea Port project as the ‘strategic project of the year’.

Georgia’s Economy Minister Dimitry Kumsishvili joined more than 500 business executives at the ninth Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum in Washington D.C., United States (US).

Organised by CG/LA Infrastructure, the forum was a place where international projects were discussed, industry experts could network and attract investments from international donors.

We are glad the Anaklia Deep Sea Port project gained this recognition. We are sure is a strategic project that will serve the flow of cargo,” said Kumsishvili. 

Speaking at the forum Kumsishvili highlighted the importance of the project and the New Silk Road route, both of which would support Georgia’s economy and encourage greater connectivity within the region.

Cargo demand in the Black Sea increased 12 percent between 2012 and 2013 however Georgia lacked deep sea ports and logistics infrastructure necessary to accommodate larger container ships, effectively barring it from utilising the economic opportunity in its backyard. 

The Anaklia Deep Sea Port project aimed to change this by building a facility featuring a 1,800m-long berth, a minimum depth of 15m and 100 hectares worth of reclaimed land with modern utilities. Further integrating the East and West, this would allow Georgia to benefit from the expected 1.4 million TEU expected to cross its path by 2030.

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By raising awareness of the project, the Georgian Minister hoped US investors would contribute funds to the Anaklia Deep Sea Port project in Georgia.

More than $550 million USD was expected to be invested in the first several phases of the project. The development will be separated into nine phases in total.

Deputy Secretary of Commerce of the US government Bruce Andrews said Georgia’s current and planned infrastructural projects made "an indelible impression” on him. 

It is very impressive to see how the [Georgian] government tries to use the country’s geographic location to bring economic benefits to society. The countries of the region understand well enough that each country could benefit better if they create common economic interests block,” said Andrews.
To achieve this they should create common infrastructure and connect the markets to each other so they could freely move their goods to each other’s territory. We are sure that US companies will bring modern technologies, service, knowledge and experience to the region,” he added. 

Kumsishvili invited Andrews to attend the New Silk Road forum, which will be held in November 2016 in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.