Adverts via free Wi-Fi on Tbilisi public transport

WiFisher will invest about 40,000 GEL to create a new advertising channel in about 2,000 mini-buses that travel in Tbilisi. Photo by N. Alavidze/, 24 Feb 2016 - 13:17, Tbilisi,Georgia

People who use public transport in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi will soon be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi while on the go.

Local company WiFisher plans to invest about 40,000 GEL (about $16,100/€ 14,650*) to create a new advertising channel in about 2,000 mini-buses that travel throughout Tbilisi.

The new service will allow companies to deliver short adverts to consumers via a free wireless service through a cell-phone, tablet or other device. Once the advert is shown, mini-bus passengers will be able to enjoy free, high speed internet on their personal devices while they travel.

WiFisher founder and director Nodar Ivanidze told the company will start testing the system from March 4 to determine how ‘in demand’ the new service will be by those in Tbilisi.

The testing will take about three to four weeks. Initially we will put internet access into 14 mini-buses where the companies will be able to spread their advertisements. If the testing period is successful we will introduce the system in all mini-buses in Tbilisi,” said Ivanidze.

He believed the scheme would be successful as a large portion of society used the internet on a regular basis, and the project would allow passengers to access their favourite webpages at all times of their journey.

Once a passenger connects his or her cellular device to the free Wi-Fi service, a five-second advertisement will appear on the screen. This is a good opportunity for companies to advertise their products or services. After five seconds the passenger will be able to freely use Wi-Fi and go to Facebook, YouTube, Myvideo or any page they would like to see,” Ivanidze said.

He believed the service would be interesting for micro-financing organisations, banking systems, technology companies and the other firms wishing to promote their products.

Special stickers will be labelled on mini-buses letting people to know that the vehicle offered free Wi-Fi service.

WiFisher was created five months ago with a 50,000 GEL (about $20,150/ /€ 18,300*) investment from an angel investor – an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up.

Ivanidze told the company planned to expand its activities throughout Georgia before entering Armenia and Estonia and offering the innovative service there.

* Currencies are as of today’s National Bank of Georgia exchange rate.