See history of Georgian filmstrips at Tbilisi archive

The exhibition will illustrate the history and legacy of Georgian filmstrip art. Image from exhibition organisers., 28 Dec 2016 - 18:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

Film enthusiasts are invited to see the history of Georgian filmstrip art and production in an upcoming display at the National Archives of Georgia starting tomorrow.

In a display titled Georgian Filmstrips, the recently renovated Exhibition Gallery of the agency will showcase original artwork and digital versions of the pieces used in creating popular local filmstrips during the Soviet era.

Running from December 29-January 11, the occasion will invite visitors to see pieces from nearly 60 productions based on Georgian fairytales and stories.

An artwork from Soviet-era Georgian filmstrip. Image from exhibition organisers.

Exhibits shown at the occasion will also include photographs illustrating the actual process of creation of the Georgian filmstrip media that started in the 1950s in the Soviet-era Georgian Film studio.

Known for its rich legacy of feature films produced across decades of the Soviet rule in the country, the studio's heritage of filmstrip art is less known, even though the media was highly popular in Georgia from 1950s to 1980s.

A scene from a Georgian filmstrip based on the fairytale 'Tsuna and Tsrutsuna'. Image from exhibition organisers.

The equipment used in the production of the films will also be on display for interested audience, while a special calendar for the year 2017, made with original filmstrip artwork, will also be presented.

The items and material used in the exhibition are part of the trove of 130 Soviet-era productions currently preserved in a National Archives collection.

The material was located and obtained by the National Archives staff from personal collections and scattered archives in Georgia over the last two years.