Georgian volunteers "ready to help” civilians in Aleppo

Evacuation of civilians from besieged Aleppo was suspended earlier today. Photo from Anapress News Agency., 16 Dec 2016 - 17:32, Tbilisi,Georgia

A group of Georgian citizens have volunteered to provide humanitarian help for residents of Syria's besieged city Aleppo.

The group, led by local activist Aka Sinjikashvili, involved medical professionals and was formed to help civilians attempting to flee the under-fire city in Syria's north-west.

Sinjikashvili announced the initiative on social media earlier today.

Georgian activist Aka Sinjikashvili (C) has organised charity campaigns in Tbilisi including a collection of warm clothes for people in need. Photo from Aka Sinjikashvili/Facebook.

If our Government decides that our country needs to make an effort [for the Aleppo residents] and gives us permission, I know 20 individuals experienced in the medical profession who are ready to join me and travel to Aleppo to help the people in their terrible condition," Sinjikashvili said in his announcement.

Sinjikashvili is known as a social activist who organises campaigns to help socially underprivileged individuals in Georgia.

Over the past year he has initiated and participated in a range of charity events including gathering warm clothes for people of Erisimedi village near Georgia's south-eastern border with Azerbaijan and successfully raising money for a complex back surgery for a young local girl this week.

The fate of Aleppo residents was thrust into the global spotlight and the subject of citizen protests across the world this week.

Calls to end the atrocities and allow residents a safe passage out of the city were made over the last few days at protests in cities including Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Protesters also gathered outside the former Embassy of Russia in Georgia's capital Tbilisi to protest the recent role of Russian armed forces in the Syrian conflict that has been ongoing since late 2011.

A group of protesters gathered outside the former Russian Embassy in Tbilisi to protest the role of Russia in the Syrian conflict. Photo by Nino Alavidze/

Aleppo has been at the centre of escalated combat between governmental forces under Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and rebel forces over recent weeks.

Held by the rebel units but besieged by the advancing Syrian Armed Forces, the evacuation of civilians from the city was suspended earlier today as the deal was rejected by Islamist rebels controlling its eastern districts.

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon this week expressed "grave concern" about reports of atrocities committed against civilians, including women and children, in the city.