Election commission presents documents proving legitimacy of new lawmakers

Head of Georgia’s Central Election Commission Tamar Zhvania delivered a speech in Parliament today.
Agenda.ge, 18 Nov 2016 - 15:02, Tbilisi,Georgia

At today's special gathering at the Parliament Building in Kutaisi, central Georgia, head of Georgia's Central Election Commission (CEC) addressed the country's new lawmakers and spoke of the final outcomes of last month's Parliamentary Elections.

CEC head Tamar Zhvania addressed the lawmakers after the President of Georgia made a speech earlier in the afternoon, where she once again voiced the final outcomes of last month’s Parliamentary Elections. 

Zhvania presented a range of documents, election protocols, materials about the election results and more which proved the presence of all 150 lawmakers in the new Parliament was fully in line with the law. 

The CEC chairperson stressed the October elections were conducted in a free and fair environment and the administration "did its utmost” to ensure transparency during the electoral process. 

She thanked the people of Georgia for participating in the Parliamentary Elections and wished success to the new Members of Parliament (MPs). 

After her speech Zhvania handed all the documents and paperwork to the Temporal Mandate Commission of Parliament, which was tasked to take a look at the documents before lawmakers take their oath before the state.

This has already happened and a short time ago lawmakers have taken their oath.