Prison inspector detained for taking bribes, abusing power

The detention operation was jointly conducted by Georgia’s State Security Service and Ministry of Corrections., 11 Nov 2016 - 11:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

A prison official in Georgia has been detained for taking bribes and abusing official power.

Today the Anti-Corruption Agency of Georgia’s State Security Service announced Natela Jincharadze, an Inspector at Rustavi #16 prison, had been detained for attempting to fraudulently obtain a large amount of money by misusing her official powers.

The Agency said Jincharadze promised the relative of a prisoner serving in Rustavi #17 prison that the inmate would be released early if the family paid a bribe. 

Jincharadze demanded and took $7,000 in return for her help. We detained her in the process of taking the money,” the Agency said.

The operation was conducted with the support of the General Inspection of Georgia’s Ministry of Corrections. 

The General Inspection of the Ministry of Corrections said it would continue cooperating with the State Security Service to prevent any crime in the penitentiary system, whether that stemmed from inmates or Corrections staff. 

If a court finds Jincharadze guilty, she could face six to nine years behind bars.